Who Owns NBS Reborn, the Famous RDM87 ML Injector?

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NBS Reborn is a famous third-party tool developed by an Indonesian developer whose name is not officially declared on the RDM87 channel or any of his social media accounts. However, according to our research, the developer is married and has two children. The channel started with the name Randy M87, but after some time, it changed to RDM87 channel.

Who Owns NBS Reborn, the Famous RDM87 ML Injector

About RDM87’s YouTube Channel

RDM87 channel was created on June 3, 2015, and now it has 242K subscribers. The owner uploads four to five videos a month. Note that this channel follows the latest updates of Mobile Legends Bang Bang gameplay. This means that any update in the MLBB game will result in the channel releasing videos related to new skins, heroes, and other features.

RDM87 Channel

Currently, there are only 7 videos available to watch on the channel. The reason for the low number of videos is copyright strikes. As you know, NBS Reborn is a third-party tool, and that’s why the YouTuber deletes previous videos when uploading new ones. The channel has crossed 115,132 views according to the current date and time. MOBA players love this channel because it offers a free tool that helps them win battles.

Official Biography Overview

NameRandy (Non-Official)
Age25 Years
Channel Start DateJun 3, 2015
Monthly Views120k Views
Total Subscribers242K Subscribers
Monthly Income$2500
EducationSoftware Engineer
Visit ChannelSubscribe Now
Social AccountsFacebook & Instagram

Net Worth, Monthly Income, and Work

The NBS Reborn developer is a software engineer who creates Android applications and games. However, there are many tools developed by him that we will discuss below. According to our research, from 2015 to 2024, it will be between $180,000 and $240,000. Assuming no spending or earnings from interest or investments. As mentioned in the above table, the RDM87 channel earns from short links, not from one platform but from different ones.

NBS Reborn By RDM87

There are two types of CPM platforms that he uses to make money online. The first and most profitable are Linkfire and Sfile.Mobi, and some APK Admin. These are platforms from where the RDM87 channel makes money monthly. The developer’s work is to add new features to his tool, NBS Reborn, and provide new skins, heroes, effects, and other extra features for the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game. Therefore, he updates the application and provides it to APK Inbox, which then offers it to all players who want it.

All Tools Developed by RDM87

Now, we are going to mention all the third-party tools that the RDM87 channel has developed for MLBB players. However, not all of them are famous and popular; only one application is well-known in the gaming community. Let’s see the injectors that he has developed.

  • NBS Reborn: The most famous and useful tool, installed by millions of players. It is freely available on our website.
  • New Box Skin Injector: Initially, this application was famous, but later the developer left this project and started a new tool, NBS Reborn.
  • RDM87 Injector: This is also known as the beta version of NBS Reborn, and it is not available at the current time.

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Ending Notes

We have tried our best to conduct thorough research about RDM87 and the NBS Reborn tool. All the information provided in this article is accurate. But whenever we learn of any new updates related to the developer, we will add them to this article. If you love the NBS Reborn application, please share this post on your Facebook, Instagram, and other channels by tagging the RDM87 YouTube channel. That’s all for this article!