How to Fix Gusion High Ping Mobile Legends? [Fix Solution] 2024

  March 9, 2024   161   0

When we play Mobile Legends Bang Bang, sometimes we face Gusion High Ping issues. Ofcrouse! In this guide, we are going to provide solutions that are simple and easy and will help you to fix the problem. Our solutions are easy, and you can follow this guide to reduce the ping to enjoy seamless gameplay.

How to Fix Gusion High Ping In 2024

Follow Below Guide:

Now, let’s see the below correct and working solutions.

Check Your Device Internet Connection:

Don’t do anything; first, turn ON and OFF your device’s internet settings. It is essential to have a stable and robust internet; otherwise, you will face this problem while playing MLBB gameplay. We suggest you use a Wi-Fi connection because it will provide high speed and better connection. Therefore, you can play the battles without encountering lagging ping issues.

Clear Background Task:

Are you using many apps in the background? For example, listing music, downloading files, and opening many browsers? Then, you will face this Gusion High Ping problem. For this, clear the background task and free up the memory of your mobile phone. However, it will improve performance and make your device fast for playing heavy games such as Mobile Legends.

Restart Your Device:

You can refresh your device to start it with a quick reboot. When you restart the phone, all background tasks and memory will be clear. On the other hand, all glitches will be apparent after the mobile is refreshed; try to play Bang Bang by turning ON your internet connection or connecting Wifi.

Install Latest Version of Mobile Legends:

Don’t install an outdated version of MLBB; otherwise, you will face bugs and errors that will also increase the ping whenever you play the game. For this, simply delete the old version and install the latest version of Mobile Legends from Google Playstore. So, you will not face bugs and issues and also no ping issues!

Find Lower Ping Server:

Never play the Mobile Legends game by choosing high-ping servers. Indeed, switch to other servers, and then you can enjoy the best connection for better gameplay.

Don’t Be Bore – Read Bullet Points For Better Understanding:

  • Try a virtual private network (VPN). It will improve your connection. You will not face lagging and high ping issues when you use a VPN.
  • Continually optimize your game settings, select lower graphics, and don’t use high frames because it requires a high-speed internet connection. Therefore, use lower graphics and a low frame rate for smooth gameplay.
  • You can also use third-party apps that control high pings of Mobile Legends games. All those apps are made for holding the ping issues. Therefore, you can try it to make your gaming experience extraordinary.
  • Watch some YouTube videos to fix Gusion High Ping problems for your MLBB gameplay.
  • Read Reddit posts to get more information, and many users have also shared their methods to fix the issues quickly.

Final Suggestion:

By following the above steps, if your Mobile Legends game Gusion High Ping is still not reduced, contact your internet service provider. Tell them all the problems and upgrade your internet speed connection. Last, if the problem is unresolved after upgrading your device’s internet package. Then, send feedback to Mobile Legends support. They will help you immediately, leave comments, and share your feedback. If you have fixed the high ping issue, kindly share the method in the comments!