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NBS Reborn

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What's New In v18.5 ?
  • 3 New Skins.
  • Layla Collector, Aamon Soul Vessel, Hanabi Soul Vassel.
  • 3 New Recalls.
  • Recall Soul Vessel.
  • MRL 1, Recall MRL 2.
  • Rank Gameplay.
  • S33 & More.
  • Bugs Fixed.
  • Glitches Fixed.
  • Revamp 2024.
  • New Season.

NBS Reborn Review:

NBS Reborn is an ML Injector, a third-party tool for Mobile Legends Bang Bang gameplay. The application is developed by RDM 87, a YouTube channel, who is the official developer of this application from Indonesia. It offers unique skins, heroes, rank push, and other additional features to players. As a newbie player, it can be difficult to become a professional because many expert gamers use paid items to defeat you in battles. However, using this NBS Reborn Injector will support you in winning the gameplay easily.

NBS Reborn 2024

Unlocked Skins: Customize Your Heroes

There are a high number of applications that provide skins for Mobile Legends. However, this one is completely different because it provides you with the latest skins and their effects for free. We all know these skins are extremely expensive in the game, and that’s the reason beginner players can’t afford them. Therefore, using this tool, they can unlock all the skins without paying money or diamonds. Save your money and use this app today to access hundreds of powerful legendary skins.

Drone View: See Everything Clearly

NBS Reborn optimizes your drone view settings so that you can see all enemy locations. The extra settings will improve the zooming, allowing you to enjoy a 2x camera as well. This will show you everything in battles in great detail and clarity. Therefore, you can use some more advanced options to reach your opponents quickly, defeat them, and win the Mobile Legends battles.

Tablet View and Backup: Game Helpers

The Mobile Legends game officially doesn’t provide these features in their game. However, there are tools such as NBS Reborn 2024 version that offer tablet view and backup features. So, what can you do with this feature? Indeed, it will provide you with a tablet screen, which means a larger screen. Thus, it will be a great way to play MLBB gameplay with a tablet view on your smartphone. On the other hand, with the backup feature, you can save all settings in your game.

NBS Reborn Gameplay

Recalls, Effects, and Emotes: Fun Extras

Use 19+ updated recall animations in your game. You can teleport your hero back to base with these recalls in Mobile Legends Bang Bang gameplay. Besides, there are also 135+ effects available in the NBS Reborn Injector that you can use to get attack animations, skill effects, and other custom effects. Therefore, it will make your hero more unique and powerful. NBS Reborn also comes with some emote bundles that are awesome because these emotes support you to play professionally.

Some Tips: Win Mobile Legends Battles

  • Use for Winning: NBS Reborn is a helpful tool as mentioned above. You can use this application’s features to turn losing fights into winning ones.
  • Increase Rankings: Upgrade your account with this application and also help your teammates reach legendary rank in MLBB.
  • Get Unlimited Health: With this tool, you can enjoy unlimited power and health. Thus, none of your teammates or enemies can defeat you in battles.
  • Enhance Skills: This app provides new heroes, skins, and effects that you can use to learn new skills and defeat enemies quickly in battles.
NBS Reborn New Update

Upsides and Downsides


  1. NBS Reborn 2024 is anti-ban and safe for your main accounts. You can safely use this app for gaming and entertainment purposes.
  2. It offers a variety of skins, heroes, and additional features without charging money.
  3. Works on all devices, including Android and iOS (Apple) phones.
  4. There are no premium plans or monthly charges because this app is free.
  5. Enhance your gameplay skills and teach you new tricks to defeat monsters quickly.


  1. It is a third-party ML Injector and not affiliated with Mobile Legends (MOBA) gameplay.
  2. It is not available on the Google Play Store, and you need to visit the APK Inbox for its latest releases.

Alternative Tools Must Try

  1. RDM87 Injector: The official app by the developer RMD87, which also includes some MOBA game skins.
  2. New Boxskin: An alternative version of NBS Reborn 2022, offering old effects, skins, heroes, and more. Note that it offers 2022 and 2024 items for free.
  3. Box Pro MLBB: Provides heroes, skins, unlimited recalls, and battle-related features that can help you win the gameplay.
  4. Skin Tool ML: Works similarly to NBS but with slight differences. This Skin Tool allows you to customize your skins or add custom skins in Mobile Legends gameplay.

Personal Experience

When I use the new update of NBS Reborn 2024 on my mobile phone, I don’t understand how to utilize this app. So, I follow some guides on YouTube. There are many videos, but I only watch RDM87 channel because they are the official developer. As I watch some tutorials related to NBS Reborn, I then understand the complete process to use this excellent tool.

Last Impressions

NBS Reborn is for those who can’t play the game well and don’t have money to spend on premium items. Therefore, this application comes in the right place to support you in winning the game. There are no bugs or errors, and APK Inbox developers have checked, tested, and reviewed this app. That’s the reason millions of players search for this tool every month. Now, it’s up to you whether you download NBS Reborn APK on your device or not. We suggest it to you because it’s a perfect tool for learning unique gaming skills.

Additional Information

June 12, 2024
June 12, 2024