How to Fix Reborn IMoba Error (Can’t Use This Folder) In 2024

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Reborn IMoba players, are you facing the “Can’t Use This Folder” error in the application? If yes, then that’s not a big problem. We are providing a working solution that you can apply to fix the error in a few minutes. We all know that IMoba Injector is the most advanced and powerful tool for unlocking skins, heroes, and other extra features of Mobile Legends gameplay. If you want it, we have added a download link. Try it now.

How to Fix Reborn IMoba Error Can't Use This Folder

Solution: Your Tool Troubles Solved

We will use two applications that will support us in fixing the problem. However, both are available on the Google Play Store, and we will provide the download links in this article. All you need to do is install them on your device where you want to use the Reborn IMoba Injector. Therefore, we also recommend uninstalling the old version of IMoba and installing the latest version. After that, follow this guide.

Get the Essential APK Files Here

We will use one application that will support us in fixing the issue in minutes. However, the application is available on the Google Play Store. Simply search for the name of the app on the Play Store or tap the buttons below to get the application on your device.

APK Info: Your Key to Issue Resolution

First of all, install APK Info from the Google Play Store and then open it. After that, run the application and use its search bar to type ‘Files’ or ‘Files.’ You will find the application on your device screen; simply uninstall ‘File’ and ‘Files’ apps from your device. However, if you don’t follow all the steps, you will face errors and issues. So, after deleting all the data files of both apps, turn off and then turn on your phone data.

Last Steps: Solve the Issue

  • Uninstall the New Reborn IMoba APK from your device and install the latest version.
  • Download the latest version from APK Inbox and then install it on your phone.
  • Go to the IMoba app information and then allow all the permissions and grant access to the MLBB folder.
  • Next, go back to your application and grant permission; then you will see advertisements.
  • After that, tap ‘Use this Folder,’ and you will not see any errors or issues.

Get the Updated Version of the Tools

  1. New Reborn IMoba: Developed by BMT Reborn developers, this application offers MLBB skins, heroes, emotes, recalls, and much more for free. By using this app, you can upgrade your gaming experience and learn new tricks and skills.
  2. BMT 95: Another alternative version of the IMoba Injector developed by the BMT 1999 channel for Mobile Legends Bang Bang players.

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Video Guide: Quick Fix for the Issue

Final Thoughts

If you follow all the instructions and steps, you can fix the ‘Can’t Use This Folder’ issue of Reborn IMoba Injector. But if you don’t follow the steps mentioned in this article, you might face other errors. Have any questions or feedback related to this problem? Leave some comments, and we will reply to each player. Share this article if any of your friends are facing this issue.