How To Use Getcontact App? [Check Any Number Details] 2024

  March 4, 2024   49   0

Nowadays, many people try their best to scam poor and innocent mobile phone users by calling from unknown numbers. In this issue, the Getcontact App will help you quickly check any number details in 2024. In this guide, we will learn how to use the Getcontact app to free yourself from scams. You don’t need to fear more because this article is valuable for understanding the application. With some clicks, you can get any mobile phone number information, including its name, national ID, country, and address. After that, report them to the police about the person, and this will help the police to stop these types of scamming calls!

Check Any Number Details With Getcontact App

What is the Getcontact App?

Getcontact app is a mobile application that blocks and stops unknown calls and spam calls plus messages. It is available for both Android & iOS devices on Google Playstore and Apple Store. The application analyzes the numbers by checking different types of phone book websites. Indeed, it provides accurate information about who the person calls you in minutes. Besides, the application has a huge database of numbers saved to help those getting calls from unknown numbers.

As a result, people are free and safe from getting unknown number calls. When you register as a user, the app allows you to report spam numbers. This will improve the accuracy and spam detection power. Moreover, the Getcontact application offers many excellent qualities, such as caller ID and recording calls. It allows you to block any third party or unknown number with one click. With this in mind, this application is made solely for checking any number of details to stop scams. It is made to protect privacy only!

APP Information:

App NameGetcontact APK
Latest Versionv6.5.1
DeveloperGetverify LDA

Check Any Number Details:

The Getcontact app has an extensive database of numbers. Now, you need to enter any number, and the application starts searching for it. But remember that the results can be wrong because this app doesn’t have official data from country telecom companies. Therefore, always recheck the number! Follow the below steps to contain any number of details with this app:

Provider Number: Enter any mobile phone number in the app and tap the search bar. We recommend only checking unknown and scammer’s numbers to know about them properly.

Afterwards, the application will display the following information if it has data related to the number you provided. If it has, you will see the results on your screen within seconds. Otherwise, it will show a message such as ” Not Found ” on your device screen.

  • The Getcontact app will show the Name tag of the number.
  • All the social media links that are linked to the number.
  • The application will also display spam scores based on user’s reports related to the number you have provided.

Downloading and Installing Getcontact App:

Download Getcontact APK from APK Inbox without paying zero money. We are providing its latest version for free. It is essential to save the application to use it; otherwise, you can’t check any number details or information related to unknown numbers. Now, let’s learn how to download the app for Android plus iOS from this article.

  • Click the button that is mentioned in this article.
  • You will see a pop-up on your screen. Just allow the option.
  • Then, file saving will start from APK Inbox safe servers.
  • Wait some seconds, and then the application will be on your device.
  • Note that downloading the application for Android and iOS is the same process on this website. Choose APK for Android and IPA for Apple phones.

Moreover, after downloading the application, you must install it on your phone. To install the Getcontact app on your iOS device. You must select the IPA file, not the APK; otherwise, you can install it. So, let’s see the installation steps:

  • Find the file (APK or IPA) and then tap it.
  • Allow all the required permissions for the application.
  • It will take 1 minute to install the Getcontact app on your device.
  • Run the app to enjoy its features when the installation process ends.

How To Use Getcontact App?

  • Connect the device to the internet: First, connect your mobile. After that, open the Getcontact app to use it.
  • Main Screen: The main screen shows a search bar, the contact list, and other features and settings options icons.
  • Search Bar: You can quickly jump or find any contact or option in the application using the search option.
  • Contacts List: It will display all the numbers added to your device. This feature will filter your relative’s numbers and other unknown numbers.
  • Profile: Explore your profile option and easily change or manage all the settings in your Getcontact app.
  • Settings: It consists of all the application’s essential settings related to privacy, preferences interface, etc.


So, in this article, you learn how to use the Getcontact app by reading the accessible information. We have mentioned everything related to this application, including details, checking for more information, downloading and installing, and how to use the app. Therefore, you can now run the application to get benefits from it; let us know in the comments. That’s the end of this article!


Getcontact app is safe or not?

Yes, it is a 100% safe application because it is made to check unknown numbers and details. More than this, you can report to the application related to the number. Not only this, it will show the name and address of the caller. Therefore, you will be safe from the latest call scams with the help of this application.

How to know who saved my number by which name app?

There is no way to know how to save your number directly using any app. But, one possible solution is if the user uses the Getcontact app and you are using the same one. Indeed, it will show the person’s name that is saved on your number.