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Dokkan Battle JP

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Dokkan Battle JP Review:

Dokkan Battle JP is the Japanese version of Dragon Ball Z gameplay. It is an offline and online multiplayer game in which players can fight with each other using super powerful characters including Goku and Vegeta, etc. In this version, there are energy balls that are also known as Ki no Tama. As you connect the balls, you get the option to use the shout-out “Kamehameha Wave.” This is the most powerful move in the fights that will help you defeat enemies and bad guys in the battles. Thus, collect more energy balls to gain more power in battles.

Characters: Meet the Super Heroes

Dokkan Battle JP game consists of all Dragon Ball Z series characters, which means you can choose from a wide range of characters to play the fights. Indeed, all of them have different skills, abilities, powers, and magical powers. Besides, the game also allows you to customize your characters to make them more unique and awesome. We have listed some names of characters below:

  1. Goku (Kakarot)
  2. Vegeta
  3. Gohan
  4. Piccolo
  5. Krillin
  6. Bulma
  7. Trunks
  8. Goten
  9. Chi-Chi

New Characters List 2024:

  1. Yamcha
  2. Tien Shinhan
  3. Android 17 (Lapis)
  4. Android 18 (Lazuli)
  5. Frieza
  6. Cell
  7. Majin Buu
  8. Beerus
  9. Whis
  10. Master Roshi (Kame-Sennin)
  11. Videl
Dokkan Battle JP Game

Multiplayer Battles: Fight Together

Dokkan Battle’s Japanese version consists of all the super fierce battles and events of the Dragon Ball Z series. Indeed, you can also play the most famous one, which is Tenkaichi Budokai. As mentioned above, you can choose characters from a long list. This makes the battles more interesting and enjoyable. Not only this, you can also invite your friends to challenges for super fights in the game. There is much more as you play the battles.

Language Options: Japanese and More

As we all know, Dragon Ball Z cartoons are in different languages such as Japanese, Hindi, English, etc. Additionally, the Dokkan Battle game has the default language as Japanese, but you have the option to change the language from the game settings. Therefore, you can enjoy the gameplay in any language that you choose. Simply visit the settings option, select language, and then choose any language from the available list such as Hindi, etc.

Dokkan Battle JP APK

Best Gaming Tips for Dokkan Battle JP Players

  • Choose the Best Character: All Dokkan Battle JP characters have their own unique abilities and powers. Thus, select the most powerful character, such as Goku (Kakarot), then play the battles.
  • Daily Practice: Spend regular time in the gameplay so you can learn new skills, tricks, and defensive techniques to quickly knock out opponents in the fights.
  • Use Energy Wisely: Don’t waste your energy on all attacks; utilize it when the opponent’s health is decreased. Then, simply give a powerful attack with energy and win the fights.
  • Block and Dodge: We recommend watching some YouTube videos to understand how to block and dodge enemy attacks. It will save your health and give you a better chance to attack opponent players easily.

Awesome Things and Not-So-Awesome Things

Awesome Things:

  1. Dokkan Battle JP game offers excellent fighting and battle levels that make the gameplay more engaging and interesting.
  2. It provides all the iconic characters of the Dragon Ball Z series, and you can choose your favorite character such as Goku or Vegeta to play the battles with their powers.
  3. The game also includes transformations, like in the series you can see transformations such as Super Saiyan and many others. Similarly, you can also perform powerful transformations in the gameplay.
  4. Dokkan Battle JP game has different modes such as Multiplayer and Single Player, etc. Therefore, add other friends or play battles with online players easily.

Not-So-Awesome Things

  1. The game levels are complex, and not all newbies can easily win battles against professional gamers.
  2. It is not available for all devices, and currently, we are offering the Dokkan Battle JP APK for Android players. However, you can find its iOS and computer versions on their official website.

Alternative Games Must Try

  • Warrior Z: It comes with a lot of new characters and collections. Moreover, you can create teams in this version to play battles online easily.
  • Dragon Ball Z: This is an official game by Dragon Ball Z where you can get everything, including characters, battle missions, and many more features.
  • Super Saiyan Death Of Warriors: In this game, you can play the Super Saiyan Death with 1 vs 1 battles, making the game more interesting and enjoyable.
  • Stickman Fight: Super Dragon: Similar to Dokkan Battle JP, this game offers different languages and battle options such as Legendary Dragon Battle and other combo fights. You can also enjoy ultimate attacks and many other powers in the gameplay.

Closing Words

Dokkan Battle JP is an online game that offers multiplayer modes, meaning you can add more friends to play battles. On the other hand, there are no third-party and annoying advertisements in the game. However, you might see some paid characters and locations. To use them, buy coins and unlock everything easily. Another option is Dokkan Battle JP MOD version, in which all items will be unlocked for you. Therefore, you don’t need to pay money to use the features. So, are you ready to download Dokkan Battle JP APK from APK Inbox? If yes, then also leave a comment with your review!

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May 15, 2024
May 15, 2024