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What's New In v1.0 ?
  • New series of anime and cartoons.
  • UI is updated, and new options are added.
  • Previous version bugs and errors are fixed.

XP Animes Review:

XP Animes is an online streaming application which allows users to watch all anime series including Naruto and many more. It is officially developed by Xpanimes.com and we are providing its latest version on APK Inbox. The application is famous because it consists of a huge collection of shows, movies, and cartoons. However, the user interface is simple and it is mobile-friendly. Therefore, it can be installed on any mobile phone without facing any issues. Try XP Animes app and experience a lot of new cartoons, anime, and other show series anytime on your mobile phone.

Huge Library of Series, Cartoons & Movies

Watch anime series, cartoons, and movies in the application. If you are a lover of action, romance, fantasy, and sci-fi, then this application includes a huge number of movies that might interest you. Explore the library more and check new seasons of anime and other movies and access the latest episodes. There are no monthly plans for using this application, so you can enjoy popular shows without paying money.

XP Animes APK

Change Language for Subtitles Easily

XP Animes app supports different subtitle languages, which means if a movie is in English, you can change the subtitles to Urdu, Hindi, and other languages. Not only this, but there are also many other languages such as Spanish, French, German, and many more. If you want to watch all movies and shows in a single subtitle language, go to settings and change the default subtitle language to your own language easily.

Watch Videos with Dubbed Voices

Most people like to watch anime series in their native languages, right? Of course, yes. Indeed, XP Animes provides all the dubbed versions with their popular titles that you can watch easily. About 70% of users love this feature because it makes it easy to understand the language of cartoons, movies, and other shows. All the dialogues will be in your own native language, making them easy to understand. Don’t worry about originality and quality; all videos will be in HD versions with clear sound and music.

Download for Offline Viewing Anytime

XP Animes allows you to watch movies, cartoons, and anime offline and online. But to watch all the episodes offline, you need to download the videos on your device. If you want to watch the videos offline in the application, then you need a fast internet connection to save the movies on your device. After that, you can watch them offline easily.

Notifications: Stay Updated on New Content

Turn on notification settings in the application to receive real-time updates about new movie releases, episodes, and special shows. However, it is very important to keep the XP Animes APK updated; otherwise, you will face issues such as glitches, errors, and app shutdowns. So, for the latest content and application updates, turn on notifications and enjoy the app.

Works on All Devices

XP Animes works on all devices, including mobile phones, computers, and TVs. The application interface is different for different devices, including smartphones and TVs. If you use it on a TV, then you can enjoy different screen sizes, and on TV you will experience bigger resolutions and a larger screen. Additionally, on phones, you will watch anime and movies in a smaller size.

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Top Tips for Using the App

  • Turn ON Subtitles: Don’t watch the anime and movies without turning ON subtitles in the application. We recommend you to select your own native language as subtitle language for a better experience.
  • Watch Interested Series: The application analyzes your watch history and offers suggestions below your interested videos, making it easy to find more of your favorite content.
  • Playlist Creation: You can list all your favorite shows, movies, and series in the XP Animes app, then you can watch them later or share them with your friends and family members easily.
  • Join App: Don’t use the application as a guest; create your account to access more excellent features for free.

Likes and Dislikes


  1. It is free and available on APK Inbox for everyone, so get it right now.
  2. Check users’ reviews and ratings to choose any series or movies in the application.
  3. Create your own profile and enjoy more features of the application.
  4. XP Animes also lets you create your account, and there are no monthly plans.


  1. The app doesn’t work on slow internet connections, which means you need fast internet to watch application content.
  2. There is no option to update the application directly through the app. So, you have to revisit this page for the latest version of the XP Animes app.

The End

XP Animes is for those who love anime series, episodes, and movies on their mobile phones, laptops, computers, and TVs. This application offers a huge library and a smooth user-friendly interface that is easy to use by any age user. It is developed for all devices, and there is no cost for using it on your device. Don’t forget to enable the notification feature because it will send notifications related to app updates and new movie releases. Thus, download XP Animes APK and enjoy your favorite content in free time at any time, online or offline, easily!

Additional Information

June 6, 2024
June 6, 2024