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VNG Mod Menu Review:

Call of Duty is a well-known gameplay enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. Currently, millions of players have installed the mobile version on their phones. From kids to youngsters, everyone loves to immerse themselves in this action-packed war gameplay. However, many players face issues regarding in-game items. For this reason, the CODM VNG Mod Menu APK is available in this article. There’s no need to search further for third-party tools because we are here to provide you with a working application that promises to revolutionize your gaming experience.

Unlock all skins and characters with the support of this application. It improves your gaming experience and doesn’t demand money or anything else. It is a powerful application that offers many features not available in the standard game. Moreover, you can easily access exclusive items and equipment with this tool. Indeed, if you are a severe gamer of the Call of Duty game, then download the VNG Mod Menu APK on your Android or iOS device. It is free of cost, and there are no hidden charges, so enjoy it!


Features of CODM VNG Mod Menu:

What do you think? Does this tool only give you custom features? Well, you are wrong. Because this application provides many powerful features that will boost your account rankings. Easily access a variety of skins, characters, sensitivity-related features, customization parts, and more. Let’s see its key features listed below:


This part encompasses all elements related to extra sensitivity perception in the game. These features are invaluable for checking enemy locations and accurately targeting adversaries in the game.

  • Logo Running.
  • Ping 33.772ms.
  • Frame 29.6 FPS.
  • Draw.
  • Line.
  • Location.
  • Top.
  • Box.
  • Style.
  • Count.
  • Distance.
  • Health.

Character Skills:

All the features of character skills are designed to facilitate quick defeats in action-packed scenarios. This aspect of the Call of Duty VNG Mod Menu Injector is particularly beloved by many players.

  • Fast Swimming.
  • No Parachute.
  • Uni Slide.
  • Speed Crushing.

Adjustable Menu:

In this menu, all the parts can be changed, allowing you to adjust settings according to your needs in the app for a better gameplay experience.

  • Long Slide.
  • Speed HK.
  • High Jump.
  • Fast Swim.
  • AIM Assist.
  • 360 Tracker.
  • AIM Lock.

VNG Tricks:

The main CODM menus, which encompass all the features of this application, are listed below. You can utilize all these features by simply toggling ON the corresponding part in the app with ease.

  • ESP Settings.
  • All Skills.
  • Memory.
  • Skins.
  • Update Information.
  • Developer Name.
  • Support Option.

Unlock Everything:

With this feature, you can access extra powerful parts that are not available in the standard gameplay. Therefore, only the CODM VNG Mod Menu provides them without charging anything.

  1. Wall Cross.
  2. Out Line.
  3. No Recoil.
  4. No Over Heat.
  5. Quick Scope.
  6. Fast Switch.
  7. MB Headshot.
  8. Red Antenna.
  9. Dark Mode.
  10. Max FPS.
  11. Hit Box.
  12. Advance UAV.
  13. Evo Range.
  14. Wall Shot.


The CODM VNG Mod is developed by Kentzy, a YouTuber from the Philippines. It’s essential to note that this application is a third-party tool and is not affiliated with official Call of Duty gameplay. As such, we provide it for gaming, learning, education, and skill development purposes only. Whether you choose to utilize this app is entirely up to you, as it’s your own choice. Rest assured, the application is deemed safe and secure, according to the developer’s assurances.

Benefits of Using Mod:

By using this VNG Mod Menu in your Call of Duty Mobile game, you can unlock all skins, characters, and extra features listed above. The application supports you in spotting enemies in action without needing to do anything complex. Access new content, including custom items not available in the standard game. This third-party tool enhances your overall gaming skills, allowing you to learn different tricks to attain high status in battles. There are numerous benefits to using this app, which you can enjoy at any time!


The VNG Mod Menu APK is the latest version of a third-party tool made explicitly for Call of Duty (CODM) Mobile gameplay. We will continuously update this application as the developer makes any changes or improvements, and you can easily access it by visiting the APK Inbox. This tool offers numerous extraordinary features, allowing you to customize your character in the game entirely. So why wait any longer? Download the app right now and embark on an enjoyable gaming journey!

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April 14, 2024
April 14, 2024