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Rank Booster VIP Review:

ML Rank Booster VIP is a game booster application for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang by Iammarko. In MOBA games, ranking is essential for all players to upgrade their accounts. Some third-party tools offer features to reach high ranks, such as Legendary and Mythic, without having to pay diamonds or play battles. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is played by a massive number of players worldwide, and that’s why we are introducing this No Ban APK for all APK Inbox users. The mod menu is entirely free for everyone to enjoy the gameplay!

Conquering 1v5 Battles

Imagine you’re battling in the battleground, and all your teammates are knocked out from the fights. In such a situation, it becomes super tough to defeat monsters and enemies, right? Of course, yes! But don’t worry, MOBA players. This application has smart features that will help you win 1v3, 1v4, and even 1v5 matches easily. Utilize the extra features, such as unlimited health, to gain a lot of advantages and stay alive until you defeat all monsters in the game.

Be a Legendary Player

Rank Booster VIP supports you in reaching the legendary stage of MLBB gameplay. Achieving this status usually requires professional players to work hard and practice to maintain their rankings. However, this app improves your account status by providing unique skill sets, skins, emotes, and other powerful heroes. As you use these items, nobody can stop you from becoming an expert player of the Bang Bang game.

Defend with Determination

In Mobile Legends, monsters deal high damage during fights. Indeed, it becomes difficult to defeat monsters, but if all teammates follow one path or plan, it becomes easier. Otherwise, it’s very complex to reach enemy bases and locations in the battleground. This app will defend your health and your other team members, meaning none of you will take damage while fighting with enemies and monsters.

Enhanced Server Players+

Download ML Rank Booster VIP to connect with the right players. You can select any specific server to create a professional player team by using the Server Players+ feature of the app. It includes skill lists, rank climbing, and perfect matchmaking optimization in the gameplay. Therefore, it will become easy enough to win battles against enemies. Additionally, track your progress and server players’ progress with this tool.

Auto Lag Capability

The s27 and s29 versions do not include features to control the auto lagging problem in the game. However, this MLBB Rank Booster VIP APK works correctly on all Android devices. It doesn’t matter if you have a poor internet connection or a strong one. Its job is to maintain your gameplay smooth, so you will not face any lag or network issues while playing Mobile Legends battles.

High Rank Pro Tips

  • Practice: Play Bang Bang battles daily to learn about strategies and understand enemy bases.
  • Add Professional Players: Connect with players who already have a better gameplay understanding. This way, you can learn from their experience.
  • Diamonds Required: Invest some diamonds to reach higher rankings in Mobile Legends. Alternatively, Rank Booster by Iammarko can also help increase rankings for free.
  • Try Game Boosters: Use various tools available to boost your gameplay for a smoother gaming experience.

The Ups and Downs


  1. Useful application to improve MLBB battle ranks easily.
  2. Safe and secure for all Android devices.
  3. Daily and weekly updates will be released only on APKInbox for free.
  4. Use it to fix lagging and network issues on your phone.
  5. Become a legendary player and win all battles against enemies.


  1. ML Rank Booster VIP is a third-party tool and is not available on Google Play Store.
  2. It is risky to use because MOBA games do not allow these tools.
  3. The app is heavy and may consume a lot of your mobile phone’s storage.

Alternative Tools Must Try

  • Marjotech PH: It is also a third-party tool for Mobile Legends that offers skins and heroes for free.
  • G-Vortex Booster: Similar to Rank Booster, it improves your mobile phone’s performance so you can enjoy a lag-free and smooth gaming experience.

In Closing

Rank Booster VIP supports both newbies and professional players to learn and improve their rankings in MLBB gameplay. This application is also known as a virtual buddy that helps you in all complex areas of battles. Play the fights using this strong, powerful tool and become a pro to win all matches. Have fun with friends and upgrade your account by using skins, heroes, and other cool items. Therefore, download ML Rank Booster VIP APK and make your gaming experience awesome!

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May 7, 2024
May 7, 2024