Modded By Andnixsh

Modded By Andnixsh

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Modded By Andnixsh Review:

Modded By Andnixsh games are modified versions unlocked by a YouTuber named Andnish, working on the PMT platform. The developer has created mod menus for popular games such as Shadow Fight 2, Stumble Guys, Among Us, Mortal Kombat, GTA San Andreas, and Free Fire, etc. Andnish is a famous Android developer, and the gaming community loves his safe and secure mods. However, the games mentioned above are popular, and you can unlock paid items such as skins, characters, and other hidden features for free.

Power Up in Shadow Fight 2

Modded By Andnixsh Shadow Fight 2 version is completely different from the original game. In this version, you don’t need to buy coins or gems because the mod menu offers unlimited everything for free. In fights, enemies can’t defeat you because you can access powerful weapons to become a professional player in the game.

Awesome Twists in Stumble Guys

If you’ve never used cool outfits in Stumble Guys gameplay, that’s not a big deal. With this modded version, you can freely use unlimited skins and costumes to customize your characters. Therefore, other players will be shocked by seeing your character in a unique and awesome style. Besides, there are more options for you to make your adventure thrilling and enjoyable.

Surprise Changes in Among Us

Modded By Andnixsh Among Us offers all in-game items for free. You can use skins, hats, special abilities, and other custom features. Other players can’t find you on the island because you can change locations at any time to hide yourself. Moreover, increase your speed, powers, and other abilities to become a high-rank player in Among Us gameplay.

Super Cool Upgrades in Mortal Kombat

When you try to upgrade your low-level hero in the game, you need diamonds and coins, right? Of course, yes. This mod menu provides you with a way to unlock superheroes and skins in the application. On the other hand, upgrade your power-up attacks and defeat enemies quickly to win the competition in the fastest way. Thus, as you do these things in the gameplay, you become an epic boss fighter in Mortal Kombat gameplay.

New Adventures in GTA San Andreas

Modded By Andnixsh GTA San Andreas version offers custom items such as cars, bikes, buses, and airplanes, etc. We all know that all GTA games offer an open world in which players can do anything, just like in the real world. With this modified version, you can dress your character with unique accessories and outfits. Use all the high-tech gadgets to overcome all challenges in the gameplay. Indeed, you will not be disturbed by traffic jams in the city or other areas!

Free Fire Fun, Modded Edition

To reach high ranks such as Grand Master and Heroic in Free Fire can be extremely tough. Because professional players never give you any chance to win the BOYA. In this situation, you can use Modded By Andnixsh Free Fire Mod to unlock all paid items for free. Also, you can increase your rankings in battles with this modded edition easily.

Remember: Follow Games Rules

  • Use these modified versions only for learning purposes and understanding gameplay.
  • Never try to break game rules, policies, and regulations.
  • Always visit APK Inbox for safe and secure Modded versions of games.
  • Don’t use this application for the long term; only use it when you want to try the latest skins and characters; otherwise, play the normal game.

Advantages and Drawbacks


  1. Modded By Andnixsh mod menu offers everything for all games; you don’t need to spend money unlocking skins, heroes, and ranks in the games.
  2. Get regular updates for free from this website.
  3. Improve your learning and game understanding skills with this app.
  4. Upgrade your gameplay experience and become a professional player using the mods.
  5. Enjoy extra features that are not available in the real gameplay.


  1. Third-party app that is not affiliated with any of the games mentioned in this article.
  2. The application is not available on other platforms, including the Play Store.
  3. It has a large size and requires fast internet; otherwise, it will not work correctly.

Alternative Games Must Try

  • Guys 01 Gaming: With this version, unlock all characters and fully customize your Stumble Guys gameplay.
  • M1NX Sensi: It only works on Free Fire and offers sensitivity-related features, plus other menus related to headshots and rank push. You can try it to improve your gaming experience.
  • G-Vortex Booster: Use this booster for fast and smooth gameplay. Upgrade your device for lag-free gaming results.


Modded By Andnixsh mod menus are safe and secure, with thousands of players having used them. We have also received good reviews and ratings for this application. Therefore, download the Modded By Andnixsh APK on your mobile phone and enjoy games such as Shadow Fight 2, Stumble Guys, Among Us, Mortal Kombat, GTA San Andreas, and Free Fire on your device. We look forward to seeing you in another informative and engaging article!

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April 29, 2024
April 29, 2024