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Lustful Spirit Hunt

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Lustful Spirit Hunt Review:

Lustful Spirit Hunt is an offline game for Android, iOS, and PC players. It is developed by LAGS and is freely available on different platforms. It is a horror gameplay where players can visit different haunted locations where ghosts live. However, Lustful Spirit Hunt is a 3D game in which players can move their character left and right only. Yes, it is also possible to jump up and sit down the character in the missions. There are some controls that can be used to play the gameplay on smartphones and computer devices.

Gameplay: Let’s Learn About It

In this horror game, you can play different missions, and your objective is to find items, save people, and collect coins to reach further stages. As the task starts, you can see a character holding a torch; then you have to move it with the controls option. The first mission is Croydon Street House, in which you have to complete different objectives. Besides, you will also face some ghosts and monsters, but using the tools and weapons, you can defeat them. Otherwise, they will deal high damage to you, and your character will be dead in the game.

Objectives: Important Goals to Achieve

  • First task is to take a photo of a ghost using the motion camera that you can find in the mission.
  • Find a candle extinguished by a ghost.
  • Decrease the fear meter to 78% or lower in the mission.
  • Use an incense stick in the ghost room.
  • Therefore, as you complete all these objectives, your Lustful Spirit Hunt first mission will end here.
Lustful Spirit Hunt Game

Graphics: Making the Game Feel Real

The game has high-quality graphics that look real and authentic. All the characters, including ghosts, appear as if they exist in the real world. Not only this, the game allows players to switch graphics from medium, high, and ultra-advanced levels. Using the ultra-advanced level, you will experience a top-level gaming experience playing the missions.

Audio, Background Music, and Effects

Lustful Spirit Hunt game has top-class audio and background music that make the game more interesting and horrifying. There are a lot of soundtracks, ambient noises, and many tension-related effects. You can also turn the background music or audio ON and OFF in the game. If you play the game with all the music support, then you will feel a different horror experience.

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Tasks: Must-Complete Missions

The game consists of a lot of tasks and missions as mentioned above. Well, if you complete one mission and all its tasks and objectives, then another mission will open. Otherwise, you can’t enjoy the whole gameplay. There are some third-party sites that offer cheats and codes. But, we don’t recommend this because it will make for a bad gaming experience. Let’s see all the tasks that are in the gameplay.

Puzzles: The Challenging Ones

Lustful Spirit Hunt puzzle tasks are tough to play and complete. You will face tricky puzzles that you have to solve while ghosts come near you. Thus, it is important to think first and then choose the right option to complete the puzzles. When you select the wrong options, you will hear creepy sounds that will scare you. There is much more as you play the gameplay.

University Task: Finding Teachers and Students

In this University Task, you have to explore the university. Your objective and mission are to find teachers and students that ghosts have kidnapped. In the classes and washrooms, you will see items such as weapons, superpowers, and coins. Simply select them and then continue your mission to reach the final stage to relieve the students and university teachers, professors from ghosts.

Mission: How to get Luna Back

Most lovely, romantic, and horrifying Lustful Spirit Hunt mission. The main character loves a girl, and a ghost kidnapped her. Now you have to find her in the haunted locations. For example, you will visit old houses, forests, and a lot of dangerous places. So, your main mission is to get Luna back home as soon as possible.

Security Office Code: Finding Keys

Play the role of a security officer and then find the secret code. Using the code, you can open doors and access the next stages of the game. However, you will also encounter monsters and ghosts that will scare you. Additionally, all the weapons will be available, but you need to find them to defeat monsters and reach the security office code; then your task and mission will end.

Mannequin Puzzle: Restoring Doll’s Cuteness

Lustful Spirit Hunt mannequin puzzle mission is a very tough one. Because you have to face a creepy doll that doesn’t look cute and beautiful. Indeed, it is a ghost, and you have to resolve puzzles to make the doll look cute again. Sometimes, these puzzles will be complex, and you can’t understand them. But don’t worry, you can use the hint option to select the correct option. As you complete the mannequin puzzle, the doll will become normal again.

Soul Orb: The Final Mission

This is the final mission of the game, and as you complete it, then the Lustful Spirit Hunt gameplay will finish. Your task is to collect Soul Orbs that are hidden in a big house and in the forest. Thus, it will become difficult to find them. But, you can also use special powers and abilities of a magical ball to find all the Soul Orbs in the game. Well, Soul Orbs are like keys that will be used to complete the Lustful Spirit Hunt game.

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Tips and Guide for Lustful Spirit Hunt Players

  • Understand the Missions: We suggest spending some time in the Lustful Spirit Hunt game and then playing the missions to complete them easily.
  • Use Important Hints: Focus on the game and pay attention to clues that will help you find hidden items and keys in the tasks.
  • Get Help: You can ask your friends and family members to support you in completing the puzzle tasks.
  • Practice Daily: Play the game daily on your device and face the challenges, and remember to stay calm to reach the final stages.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The Strengths:

  1. Lustful Spirit Hunt consists of horror scenes that will make your boring day awesome.
  2. Ultra-advanced level graphics that make the game look real and authentic.
  3. Sounds and background music that increase players’ interest in playing the Lustful Spirit Hunt gameplay.
  4. Zero third-party advertisements in the game, and you will not see any promotions or redirects.
  5. Available for all devices, including Android, iOS, and computer PCs for free.
  6. Freely available on APK Inbox for everyone.

The Weaknesses:

  1. It feels very annoying when complex puzzles come in the missions.
  2. It is a heavy game and it will impact your device’s performance.
  3. Sometimes, you will see glitches and errors, and to resolve the issue, you need to update the game.

Alternative Games Must Try

  • Lost Life: Similar to Lustful Spirit Hunt, a girl loses her family in a mysterious location. Therefore, players can control the girl to fight against ghosts and monsters.
  • Go To Bed Game: In this game, unknown persons come into your house, and you can use weapons and different tools to catch the guy and defeat him. Note that the unknown guy comes to your house when you are alone in the game. This makes the game horror and terrifying for every player.
  • Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed: It is a multiplayer online horror game in which you can create teammates to capture spooky apparitions. Thus, also try it if you love horror games.

Closing Remarks

Lustful Spirit Hunt is for those who are interested in playing horror and mystery missions. The game is full of tasks, objectives, and missions. Only brave people can play this excellent 3D gameplay on their mobile phones and computers. We are providing the latest version, which is safe and secure for all players. Thus, download Lustful Spirit Hunt APK for your device to give this game a try. Don’t have a gaming phone? Then check out G-Vortex Booster that will enhance your device’s gaming performance for lag-free gaming!

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May 11, 2024
May 11, 2024