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Liberty Daily Review:

Liberty Daily is an online platform where people can find and see stories and videos related to any topic. It is available in the application form and also accessible through website. It is developed by News Hunt and both Android and iOS users can install it on their devices. The app is also freely available on Google Playstore and APK Inbox with its latest up-to-date version. In this app, you can read the trending news, watch videos, see stories, and share with others, including friends and family members, easily.

Clear, Smooth Interface

Liberty Daily app has a user-friendly, easy-to-use interface with awesome UI/UX design. Both the application and website load quickly compared to other news publishers’ platforms. It has a clean interface with buttons for categories and trending topics. Any person of any age can utilize this application by installing it on their Android, iOS, tablets, and computer devices.

News Reader: Receive Notifications for Breaking News

Any user can open the application and website to read news and stories on their device. It will send you notifications whenever any breaking news comes, so you will be alert. There are a lot of categories, including politics, entertainment, sports, games, and much more that you might be interested in reading. Not only this, but the application also allows its users to save the news text and read it even offline. For this reason, the Liberty Daily platform is gaining fame on social media platforms.

Social Media Browser: Effortless News Sharing

Liberty Daily offers multiple features, including a browser in which you can access your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Thus, you don’t need to switch to other apps for sharing any news on social media platforms. One more useful and attractive feature of the Liberty Daily app is that you can view and interact with social media content directly using the application. At any time, you can comment, like, and share any news easily using the share button of the Liberty Daily application.

Liberty Daily Tips: Your Daily News Buddy

  • Customize Your Feed: We suggest following some channels, news categories, and the topics in which you are interested. As a result, you will see relevant stories in the Liberty Daily application and website.
  • Enable Notifications: If you turn on notifications, the app will send you instant updates of breaking news. So, you will not miss any stories and news happening in real-time.
  • Try Offline Reading: The app allows every user to save any news in the application. Thus, you can read it at any time, even without an internet connection, which is not a big issue.
  • Bookmark Favorite Stories: has a bookmark feature that is helpful for finding interesting and trending news content. You can easily find your favorite content in the application.

What’s Great and What’s Not

What’s Great:

  1. Share news easily with your friends and family members, and also on social media accounts with one click.
  2. Like, comment, and share posts in the app with no restriction on being active on the platform.
  3. Get notifications of daily and recent breaking news for free.
  4. Additionally, use the browser to access your social media accounts without switching to other apps.

What’s Not:

  1. Daily Liberty app uses Google AdMob ads in their application and Google AdSense ads on their website. Therefore, you will see advertisements and pop-ups that may distract you while reading news articles.
  2. High data usage, such as downloading video content and saving articles for offline reading, will consume a lot of your internet data and require a high-speed connection.
  3. It offers multiple features, but using a lot of multimedia content in the app may drain your device’s battery.

Alternative News Apps Must Try

  • Sama TV: Developed by Gaia Group, it provides news related to youth issues and daily life citizen problems, etc.
  • MP News: Developed by Shriyansh Raj, it is famous in India and the application offers video content, meaning you can watch news videos for free.
  • Radio UK: Developed by Blue Fox, it offers a vast amount of broadcasting and news content in a single application, similar to Liberty Daily.

Final Thoughts

Liberty Daily is a free platform where you can access all types of news content for free. Both their website and apps load quickly compared to alternative apps. The application is available for all platforms, but currently, we are offering it for Android and providing the official website link. It is easy to share content, including articles, stories, and videos with friends worldwide. It is also known as a handy news app that provides the latest news, videos, and photos directly on your device without charging money!

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May 28, 2024
May 28, 2024