LED Battery Charging Animation

LED Battery Charging Animation

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What's New In v2.0 ?
  • Now, use play animations on your screen.
  • New Lock Screen themes are available in the app.
  • Customize Notifications with action buttons.

LED Battery Charging Animation Review:

When the phone charging is on red status means below 15%; nobody wants to use their mobile phone. Of course, that is a nasty truth, yes! LED Battery Charging Animation APK is working with the latest technology advancements, and developers have done great programming on the app’s back end. Mobile companies are also trying to improve their phone’s battery life span. The application we are providing will upgrade your device’s charging speed. If your mobile phone charges within 1 hour, it will start to charge in 30 minutes from today!

Firehawk develops an LED Battery Charging Animation app. It is available on the official Google Play store for everyone. Well, we are providing this app on APK Inbox. However, LED indicators utilize light-emitting diodes to show mobile phone battery charging status. Besides, indicators use different colors and patterns showing charging states, such as the phone is charging and not charging, etc. The application shows real-time data about your device’s battery timing and percentage.

It will show a green light, which means the battery is fully charged, and the red light will indicate that the device is currently charging. Therefore, the LED Battery Charging Animation APK is valuable for new mobile phone users. Mostly, users like the animations of the battery charging. You can set a running lion, flying an airplane, or a car running at high speed, indicating that your device is charging right now. Alternatively, these animations will not appear on your phone screen when charging stops.

LED Battery Charging Animation

Features of LED Battery Charging Animation:

Let’s see the features of this application:

  • Visual Representation: It will show live charging animations and allow you to easily manage and monitor your device when it is on setting.
  • Personalize Options: Set any LED Animations according to your suits and control brightness, color, patterns etc. It will improve the overall charging experience. Ofcrouse yes.
  • Battery Status: The application indicators will show different visuals showing the battery status. It will become easy to check whether the phone is fully charged or still charging.
  • Energy Efficiency: LED Technology is energy efficient because it consumes very little power compared to traditional indicators. Your device battery will not face any short circuits and will have a quieter battery life because this application reduces the environmental impact on your phone.
  • For Various Devices: LED Battery Charging Animation is for various devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.
  • Feedback Options: As a user, you can send feedback to developers. It depends on whether you send positive or negative feedback about the app. Indeed, with the help of your feedback developer will make changes and improve the overall application features.

Available Themes List:

LED Charging Animation APK offers a variety of themes for free. As you know, many apps on the market charge money and sell charging animation themes. But this developer provides them for free. So, let’s see them one by one listed below:

  1. Lumina Pulse.
  2. Aurora Glow.
  3. Twilight Thrive.
  4. Galactic Glide.
  5. Phoenix Flash.
  6. Zenith Zephyr.
  7. Radiant Ripple.
  8. Customs.


LED Battery Charging Animation app offers excellent features, as mentioned above. All the features are working on both Android and iOS smartphones. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about any issues and problems. Because the developer has updated the app, we also provide the latest version of the APK in this article. One thing you need to remember is that always visit this page for new releases of the app. Please share this article with those who want to upgrade their device charging experience!

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March 11, 2024
March 11, 2024