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What's New In v1.6 ?
  • Aplikasi Config Skin.
  • Cum 14 MB Bisa Buka Semua Skin.
  • No Password
  • Bugs Fixed
  • New UI
  • Free Form Password
  • Android 11, 12, 13, 14

Hiroshi GFX Tools Review:

Hiroshi GFX Tools is a special advanced tool for Mobile Legends Bang Bang gameplay. It is developed by the Rafazam Gaming channel for MOBA players. The application consists of top-performing features that are designed to upgrade your gameplay graphics, performance, and other settings. It will also be released on Google Play Store after some days. However, we are providing it on APK Inbox without charging money because it is developed to help you experience excellent gaming performance. Some features are not yet completely ready, but many of them are working accurately without showing bugs.

See the Game More Clearly

Hiroshi GFX Tool allows you to change game settings, including resolution, according to your phone’s capabilities. With a low resolution, your MLBB game will run smoothly without buffering and showing glitches. Additionally, if you use a higher resolution, then your battles require a high-end device with a faster internet connection. Then, gameplay will run smoothly without getting stuck or showing bugs. So, you can adjust resolution settings with this third-party application.

Easy to Find, Simple to Move, No Confusion

The app has a simple interface with many extra features. Keep in mind that you can adjust all the settings on your device using this application. However, all your settings can completely modify the gameplay experience, including graphics, visuals, and sound quality, etc. Therefore, watch a tutorial on the Rafazam Gaming channel and then quickly adjust settings to avoid wasting time in the app.

Never Miss Out on New Releases

Hiroshi GFX Tool’s latest versions will be regularly available on APK Inbox with up-to-date content. However, this application’s new releases are also available on Google Play Store, so you don’t need to search for it on other third-party websites. What’s the best point about this app? Developers add new features in new updates. Thus, without paying money, you can optimize your Mobile Legends Bang Bang game GFX with this unique tool.

Secret Tips for Smart Gaming

  • Utilize Built-in Settings: The developer has set up the best settings for your game, so you can also try them. If they don’t perform well, then adjust the settings according to your needs.
  • Check Performance: After doing the settings in Hiroshi GFX Tools, don’t directly use them for the long term. Play a few battles and then see the results. If the results are good, use them for the long term; otherwise, adjust the settings again.
  • Device Capability: According to your phone’s hardware capabilities, use higher, medium, and ultra settings for a smooth gaming experience.

Pluses and Minuses

Pluses to Focus On:

  1. Hiroshi GFX Tools work on all devices, including Android and iOS. However, currently, we are only offering the Android version on this page.
  2. It will optimize and provide perfect graphics settings that will make your gameplay smoothly running.
  3. Regular updates of the application will be available on this page.
  4. It is totally free for all Mobile Legends Bang Bang players.
  5. The app lets you use higher frame rates and lower frame rates with a few clicks.
  6. Power-saving mode is also available that will save your mobile phone battery life better.

Minuses to Keep in Check:

  1. The app contains Google AdMob advertisements that can be really annoying and frustrating.
  2. Not affiliated with Bang Bang official gameplay.
  3. The app is not available for iOS devices at the current time.

Alternative Tools Must Try

  • IMB GFX Tools: Developed by BMT 95 developer, it includes all applications of Bangment, including Reborn IMoba, the most advanced and special tool. Well, this IMB is similar to Hiroshi, but both have different features with a beautiful UI (User-Friendly Interface)!

In Summary

Hiroshi GFX Tools offers useful features that will improve your device visuals, customizable settings, and other graphics settings. The most amazing thing? It is available for free on APK Inbox. This application is from the famous developer Rafazam Gaming channel, which means it is a safe and secure application. The user-friendly interface is quite easy to use, and all options are also easy to understand. Therefore, download Hiroshi GFX Tool APK on your device for the next level gaming experience. Share this article with your friends to optimize their graphics settings in MLBB gameplay!

Additional Information

July 21, 2024
July 21, 2024